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Father and Son


Children with autismdance class and soccer clinic

The American Autism Association offers services and programs to children with autism and their families to promote positive development, personal empowerment, and independence.Among the services provided are ballet classes and soccer clinics. I recently had the privilege of photographing the children.

The Movement A Capella

Linking arms

The Movement A Capella is an a capella group of Newark New Jersey high school students who tell the stories of little known struggles of the civil rights era of the 1960’s through music and dance. This production told the story of the children’s march in Birmingham Alabama on May 4, 1963. Three thousand (3,000) high school students marched silently in single file through Birmingham to protest segregation and the Jim Crow laws. They were met with fire hoses and dogs. Many were put in jail. A few months later, in retaliation for the march the 16th Street Baptist Church was bombed on a Sunday morning and four young girls were killed

cast photo

This is the cast photo. The two teachers who work with the students are in the front row. Some scenes from the production are below

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Portraits of Nicaragua — PeaceWorks January 2016

boys behind wall El PorvenirIn January 2016 I went to Nicaragua as part of a delegation of PeaceWorks, a non-profit organization that works with communities throughout Nicaragua. Visit the website at We visited Cusmapa where PeaceWorks works with a women’s collective that makes crafts from pine needles and with various agricultural projects dedicated to organic and natural farming;  Palacagúina where we work with local farming communities, and where we climbed a mountain; Las Peñitas where we relaxed on the beach after a week in the mountains, and where we help fund a project that harvests eggs of sea turtles and returns them to the sea as they hatch; El Porvenir, a coffee growing cooperative on a remote mountain, (best coffee I’ve ever had) where we funded a medical clinic; Las Pipitas which works with developmentally disabled children; Inhijambia, which works with street children in Managua, the capital and Axayactl, a women’s empowerment group fighting violence against women and promoting women’s economic development and social justice.  Theses are some of the people we met along the way.

For more pictures see slideshow below:

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Mother and Son

Mother and disabled child

This was taken in Managua, Nicaragua in one of the poorest slums in one of the poorest cities in the hemisphere. I was deeply moved by the love and tenderness of the mother toward her son who is severely disabled.


Lisa’s Daughter

Lisa's daughter bw


Mark 1 Mark 2