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Autumn upstate New York


Stopping by the woods on a snowy morning


With a nod to Robert Frost

The Wise One


Saw this wise woman (at least I think it is a female) in the newly refurbished and redesigned gorilla habitat at the Houston Zoo. She looks and probably is smarter than most of us who were gawking at her.

Flying Saucers Over the Hudson River

Flying saucers over the Hudson

Taken at Bear Mountain Bridge

17 Year Cicadas

17 year cicada monster close up

Sometimes known as 17 year locusts the 17 year cicadas hatch from their eggs every 17 years and populate forests by the thousands  making a collective sound similar to the sounds that the giant insects of the sci-fi movies of the 1950’s made. etymologists classify them as broods by location of the brood and the year of the cycle. Brood II is emerging in the forests of New Jersey this spring and was last seen in New Jersey in 1996. They are a beautiful sight and an eerie sound.

The cicadas emerge from the ground as larvae,

17 year cicada emerging larva

stay in the tree until they mature by growing wings and their eerie red eyes.

17 year cicada mature

They then mate and  lay their eggs in the ground.  In the space of about four weeks they are gone and will emerge again in New Jersey in 2030.


Winter morning at the creek

log into water

Fall foliage 2012 The Palisades New Jersey

The Palisades are a line of 300 to 540 foot high cliffs along the west side of the lower Hudson River in northeastern New Jersey and southern New York. They are among the most dramatic geologic features in the vicinity of New York City, forming a 20 mile long canyon of the Hudson north of George Washington Bridge. Last Saturday, October 27, was a peak foliage day at the Greenbrook Conservancy in the New Jersey part of the Palisades. Unfortunately the weather was overcast and the lighting was not the best, but it did help bring out the spectacular  gold of the forest .

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