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Green River, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA



Views of Niagara Falls


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Border crossing


This is the informal border crossing between Mexico and Guatemala near Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico. People cross from Guatemala to Mexico to buy inexpensive products because of favorable exchange rates They then return to Guatemala. This trade is condoned by both countries and even though there are checkpoints nearby neither country has an interest in stopping this traffic.

It is only when people fleeing from Guatemala to Mexico move inland that they are stopped at Mexico checkpoints and detained or sent back home. This process of inland checkpoints and detention is known as the “vertical border.” It is designed to prevent migration to the United States long before the migrants reach the northern border of Mexico.

American Cancer Fund 5k Run Liberty State Park May 7 2016

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The American Cancer Fund® (ACF) is an organization dedicated to the education, support and empowerment of those diagnosed with Cancer by organizing and clarifying information. It’s mission is to provide free clear, independent information and research to enable patients and their families to make smarter choices for Cancer treatment with an emphasis on dignity, functionality and cure. It holds several fund raising events during the year. This year it held a 5k run at Liberty State Park in Jersey City New Jersey within sight of the New Yorks City skyline and th Statute of Liberty. These are some of the photos.

After the Flood


In July 2015 a flash flood wiped out approximately 300 homes along the Mudlick Creek in Johnson County Kentucky. The floods washed away many mobile homes that had been situated alongside the banks of the creek.  The flood occurred during mid day and only four people lost their lives. It could have been much worse.

Urban Skyline

Hudson River silhouette

Jersey City seen from about west 20th street Manhattan