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Hurricane Sandy Seven Months Later, The Untold Story

Much has been made of the comeback of the Jersey Shore and the fact that most tourist places opened for business as usual on Memorial Day, the official start of the summer season.  But there is another story.  For many families who live in   communities not near the shore that were devastated by the storm   Memorial Day did not mark a new beginning.  Those families  are still struggling to rebuild their lives and homes,  and there are many homes still uninhabitable and abandoned.

Sayreville, New Jersey is one such town. Many homes were destroyed when the storm surge from the Raritan Bay caused the  Raritan River  to overflow its banks and flood the low-lying areas of the town.  Many homeowners are starting to rebuild, others are waiting for FEMA and other assistance.  Some  homes, like those with Hallowe’en decorations still on the windows,  probably  will never be rebuilt.

These photos were taken May 28, 2013, one day after the Shore officially opened for business and one day short of seven months after the storm hit.

June 30, 2013. The Newark Star ledger reports that the state will buy most of these homes, which are beyond repair, from the owners, thus making a whole neighborhood simply disappear.

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  1. The “help” with the bloody hand is really chilling.


    May 31, 2013 at 4:51 PM

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