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U.S. Open 3d Round

Went to the U.S. Open on Friday. Day was sunny and hot.  Bottled water was going for $5 per liter, and was selling out. Tennis was great.  The top seeds, Djokovic,  Sharipova and one of the Williams sisters were in Arthur Ashe Stadium. I didn’t have a seat there but I saw Ferrer, Del Potro, Li Na v Robson and Wawrinka. I love the outer courts because you can get within ten feet of the action and see the match in a way that television cannot possibly show. Here are a few photos.

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U.S. Open Tennis 2011

I was at the U.S. Open on Monday September 5, 2011, the day before the rains wiped out two days of play. Featured matches on Arthur Ashe Stadium were Schiavone v Pavlyuechenka, Pavlyuechenka won; Serena Williams v Ivanovic, Serena won; and Fish v Tsonga, Tsonga won in five sets. Djokovic played on Armstrong but the line to get in snaked around a good portion of the grounds so I didn’t get to see him.

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