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Water Lily

Water lily Houston Texas Zoo061215_40

Saw this in a lily pond in the zoo in Houston Texas


Presby Iris Gardens Montclair New Jersey


ThePresby Iris Gardens in Montclair New Jersey were established in 1927 to honor Frank Presby, a noted horticulturalist and a founding member of the American Iris Society. The collection includes approximately 10,000 individual plants, representing 6 species and over 3,000 different named varieties of irises. It is the largest non-commercial garden dedicated to irises in the world. Here are a few blooms from this years plants

Spring is Yellow and Green

Green in Blue an Ode to Miles Davis

green in blue_20150321_0001

Blue in Green is one of the songs in the iconic jazz album Kind of Blue by the great jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, recorded in the studio in March, 1959. While walking in a local woods on a bright early spring morning I saw this green house against the blue sky and heard Miles trumpet.


winter leaf

finger leaf


Sunset Florida Gulf Coast

Bradenton sunset

Red Leaf on Snowy Maple

red leaf on snowy maple

Shot with my iPad, minor PhotoShop adjustments.