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My Nicaragua journey

Aponte Abuela and nieta

El Porvenir 4 boys

In January 2014 I went to Nicaragua as part of a delegation of PeaceWorks, a non-profit organization that works with communities throughout Nicaragua. We visited Cusmapa where PeaceWorks is helping to develop an ecotourism site, and works with a women’s collective that makes crafts from pine needles; Regádio where we helped a project that brings water from a spring outside the village directly to people’s houses; Palacagúina where we work with local farming communities, Las Peñitas where we help fund a project that harvests eggs of sea turtles and returns them to the sea as they hatch; El Porvenir, a coffee growing cooperative on a remote mountain, (best coffee I’ve ever had) where we funded a medical clinic, Inhijambia, which works with street children in Managua, the capital and Axayactl, a women’s empowerment group fighting violence against women and promoting women’s economic development including an innovative pig raising project. .

These are some of the people and things that I saw.

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Peoples Climate March NYC Sept. 21, 2014

People's climate march

From California to the New York islands,
from the Redwood forests to the Gulf Coast waters (with homage to Woody Guthrie)
they came to New York City.
More than 300,000 people
ages 6 months to 80+ years,
man and woman,
immigrant and indigenous,
student and worker,
labor and industry,
scientist and musician,
Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Jew,
a rainbow of humanity;
paraded, danced, sang, shouted and made their voices heard;
world leaders, protect the planet,
adopt earth friendly energy policies.

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The Rose and the Bee

rose and the bee_20140824_0052

Cherry Blossoms Branch Brook Park April 2014

blossom and bud

April is Cherry Blossom time in Branch Brook Park, Newark NJ. The park has 3000 cherry trees that blossom over the course of about 3 weeks. Here are some of them.

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Palisades Cascades

palisades cascades

Atop the cliffs two stream s converge,
One meandering on the forest floor,
The other rushing along,
Singing to the trees and creatures of the forest.
The two joining near the cliff’s edge,
Rushing over the precipice,
Rushing to join the thirsty river hundreds of feet below,
The wide Hudson, flowing peacefully to the sea.

Bubbles in the Park

I was in Washington Square Park, one of my favorite places to photograph, on one of the rare warm and sunny days that the New York metro area has had this spring, when I came upon this person delighting the kids with her bubble making net.

Bubbles in Washington Sq Park

Bubbles Wash Square Park 2


Winter – New Jersey

icicles on tree