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Ripple Effect Artists production of “The Adding Machine”

here lies Zero

From the Ripple Effects website

“Ripple Effect Artists Inc. is dedicated to mounting cutting-edge theatrical productions of masterfully-written published works which ask bold questions and provoke dialogue. These productions, our education that empowers students, and our game-changing philanthropy boldly dare to move our audiences from APATHY to ACTION, creating a RIPPLE EFFECT in the larger community and world.”

The company recently staged Edgar Rice’s “The Adding Machine” in which a clerk who has been employed for 25 years and never missed a day of work is fired because the company is replacing him with an adding machine (the 1920s equivalent of a desktop computer). He kills his boss out of anger. He is executed and sent to purgatory. Although written in 1923 the play presents issues relevant in today’s economy. It explores the consequences of automation on society and raises questions about the morality of the displacement of workers through automation.

I had the privilege of photographing the production.

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