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Last bloom of the season


the last roses usually bloom at the end of October or the beginning of November where I live. Because of an extraordinarily warm summer this beauty began to bloom at the end of November, a month later than usual. I took it inside before the first frost so that it could bloom fully and remind me during cold December days of late spring when the first roses bloom


Water Lily

Water lily Houston Texas Zoo061215_40

Saw this in a lily pond in the zoo in Houston Texas

Presby Iris Gardens Montclair New Jersey


ThePresby Iris Gardens in Montclair New Jersey were established in 1927 to honor Frank Presby, a noted horticulturalist and a founding member of the American Iris Society. The collection includes approximately 10,000 individual plants, representing 6 species and over 3,000 different named varieties of irises. It is the largest non-commercial garden dedicated to irises in the world. Here are a few blooms from this years plants

Spring is Yellow and Green


The Rose and the Bee

rose and the bee_20140824_0052

Day of the Dead– Altars and Cemeteries

indigenous women andmarigolds

The Day of the Dead is the day when the spirit world merges with the corporeal world. In the Central Highlands of Mexico it is celebrated by decorating graves with flowers, usually marigolds, and by altars honoring the dead in public places and in homes. These images were taken in Amealco, El Bote and San Ildefonso, primarily indigenous towns near Querétaro City.

altar and choir

altar detail


celebrating life

Cemetario San Ildefonso

El diablo

lighting the candle



Twin Rock Reflections with Water Lily

twin rocks and lily pad