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Signs at the Anti Muslim Ban Rally in New York City January 29, 2017


On January 27, 2017 the president of the U.S. issued an order effectively banning all Muslims from seven specific countries from entering the United States. The next day, January 28, 2017 targeted people were removed from airplanes that were in flight when the ban was announced and detained. Thousands demonstrated at airports around the country and lawyers by the hundreds showed up to help and represent those who were detained and prevented from entering the U.S.  Within days federal judges around the country issued injunctions to stop the detentions and to halt enforcement of the order. As of today an appeals court has refused to stay the injunction. Within days all of those detained were released.

Demonstrations continued the next day and  tens of thousands of people in cities and towns around the country and around the world rallied and marched  that weekend, forcing the government to modify the order to allow legal residents (Green Card holders) to enter the country even before the injunctions issued. As of today, February 5, demonstrations, rallies and marches in support of the refugees and immigrants are still ongoing.

These photos are from a rally in support of immigrants and refugees at Battery Park City on Sunday January 29, 2017.



First Day of Freedom

I visited this man over a period of months at an immigration detention center in New Jersey where he was seeking asylum. During our first visit together he told me that if he was granted asylum he wanted to see the Statue of Liberty.

He fled his country in west Africa because he was a member of a banned social group and he has been hunted by his government. He was granted asylum on July 6 and the next day I took him to Liberty State Park to see the statue. Unfortunately we did not have the time to cross the bay to visit the statue before he left to stay with family in the midwest.