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Newark New Jersey 4 a.m.

321 so 19th street newark_20140213_0006

2 a.m. phone rings “ohh no, not tonight”
“Steve we have a fire in Newark”
on scene– wind blowing , snow coming down hard, brrr it is cold
snow and ice on street and roadway
everything an eery red yellow glow
3 fire companies including hook and ladder
my Red Cross team is here, am i glad to see them
3 buildings involved– where are the people?
look in doorways, see families huddled from the cold
need to get blankets from the van
count 6 families- 26 people including young children
Dispatcher, I need 8 hotel rooms
get buses here to transport people.
6:30 everybody safely in hotel rooms
Home again, glad everybody is safe.
Now for some hot chocolate


Red Cross Shelter Barbie

I was working the overnight shift at a Red Cross shelter which was providing relief for people in New Jersey who were displaced by Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter that followed it a week later.  My first night I noticed this doll in a corner by the sign. It was there the second night and the third. I began wondering where the doll had come from and was its little girl, for that is whom I presumed owned it, still at the shelter or was she fortunate enough to leave,  and was she as sad as the scene looks to me, and does she miss her little doll and her home. I wonder where she is.