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First Day of Freedom

I visited this man over a period of months at an immigration detention center in New Jersey where he was seeking asylum. During our first visit together he told me that if he was granted asylum he wanted to see the Statue of Liberty.

He fled his country in west Africa because he was a member of a banned social group and he has been hunted by his government. He was granted asylum on July 6 and the next day I took him to Liberty State Park to see the statue. Unfortunately we did not have the time to cross the bay to visit the statue before he left to stay with family in the midwest.


Urban Skyline

Hudson River silhouette

Jersey City seen from about west 20th street Manhattan

View From the Palisades on Hudson

The Palisades are  a line of  300 to 540 foot high  cliffs along the west side of the lower Hudson River in northeastern New Jersey and southern New York. They  are among the most dramatic geologic features in the vicinity of New York City, forming a 20 mile long canyon of the Hudson north of George Washington Bridge, as well as providing a vista of the skyline. This photo  was taken from the edge of  a cliff  on a bright clear summer morning, and the camera saw the reflection of the bright blue sky on the water, a  reflection which is not apparent to the human eye.