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Spring is Yellow and Green


Great Falls Paterson New Jersey

under the bridge

The Great Falls of Paterson is one of the hidden jewels of New Jersey. From the late 19th century into the mid 20th century these fall provided hydro electric power for industry in Paterson including silk mills and a railroad locomotive factory. Now they are among the most scenic falls in the United States and little known to people outside northern New Jersey. They have recently been made a National Park and the grounds are being prepared to show off the beauty of the Falls.

I have been photographing the Falls for years in all seasons and in all weather. These photos were taken this spring one early April morning when I was entranced by the rainbows reflecting in the mist of the falls.

rainbow 1

rainbow 3

Rainbow 2


Green in Blue an Ode to Miles Davis

green in blue_20150321_0001

Blue in Green is one of the songs in the iconic jazz album Kind of Blue by the great jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, recorded in the studio in March, 1959. While walking in a local woods on a bright early spring morning I saw this green house against the blue sky and heard Miles trumpet.

Palisades Cascades

palisades cascades

Atop the cliffs two stream s converge,
One meandering on the forest floor,
The other rushing along,
Singing to the trees and creatures of the forest.
The two joining near the cliff’s edge,
Rushing over the precipice,
Rushing to join the thirsty river hundreds of feet below,
The wide Hudson, flowing peacefully to the sea.



With a nod to Charles Foster Kane a/k/a  Orson Welles


Daffodil 2013

I can’t choose between the color with it’s spring yellow or the black and white.



First crocus of spring

crocus in snow patch