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At the Statue of Liberty

Kamrnga at Sttue o fLiberty_20160811_0037

This man fled his country because of political persecution. He was granted political asylum in the United States. He wanted me to take him to see the Statue of Liberty before he moved on to another part of the country to stay with relatives


First Day of Freedom

I visited this man over a period of months at an immigration detention center in New Jersey where he was seeking asylum. During our first visit together he told me that if he was granted asylum he wanted to see the Statue of Liberty.

He fled his country in west Africa because he was a member of a banned social group and he has been hunted by his government. He was granted asylum on July 6 and the next day I took him to Liberty State Park to see the statue. Unfortunately we did not have the time to cross the bay to visit the statue before he left to stay with family in the midwest.

American Cancer Fund 5k Run Liberty State Park May 7 2016

No 369

The American Cancer Fund® (ACF) is an organization dedicated to the education, support and empowerment of those diagnosed with Cancer by organizing and clarifying information. It’s mission is to provide free clear, independent information and research to enable patients and their families to make smarter choices for Cancer treatment with an emphasis on dignity, functionality and cure. It holds several fund raising events during the year. This year it held a 5k run at Liberty State Park in Jersey City New Jersey within sight of the New Yorks City skyline and th Statute of Liberty. These are some of the photos.