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Washington Square Park early November

Yesterday was a warm, 75 degree November day in the New York area. I took my camera to Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, New York City, one of my favorite places in the world. On any given day one can see and be part of a cross-section of humanity, from ordinary people enjoying a pleasant day to street musicians, artists,  chess players and performers showing off their talents. It is open, tolerant and a great place to see slices of life. I love going there because I never know who or what I’m going to find.


Bubbles in the Park

I was in Washington Square Park, one of my favorite places to photograph, on one of the rare warm and sunny days that the New York metro area has had this spring, when I came upon this person delighting the kids with her bubble making net.

Bubbles in Washington Sq Park

Bubbles Wash Square Park 2