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winter leaf

finger leaf


Natural Ice Sculptures

icicle beaver

icicle wings

icicle banner

Red Leaf on Snowy Maple

red leaf on snowy maple

Shot with my iPad, minor PhotoShop adjustments.

8th Ave and West 41st Street, New York City, March 1983

New York City March 1983

This photograph to me is a study in the contradictions of our society. It was taken 31 years ago and the sad fact is that the contradictions still exist.

This was taken with a Chinon CM4, my first SLR and shot on kodacolor film. It was semi automatic in that the photographer set the shutter speed and the camera adjusted the aperture. The photographer had to manually advance the film after each exposure. (Digital photography wasn’t even a dream in those days)

The Persistence of Cats

persistence of cats_2014_03_19_1

With apologies to Salvadore Dali

Newark New Jersey 4 a.m.

321 so 19th street newark_20140213_0006

2 a.m. phone rings “ohh no, not tonight”
“Steve we have a fire in Newark”
on scene– wind blowing , snow coming down hard, brrr it is cold
snow and ice on street and roadway
everything an eery red yellow glow
3 fire companies including hook and ladder
my Red Cross team is here, am i glad to see them
3 buildings involved– where are the people?
look in doorways, see families huddled from the cold
need to get blankets from the van
count 6 families- 26 people including young children
Dispatcher, I need 8 hotel rooms
get buses here to transport people.
6:30 everybody safely in hotel rooms
Home again, glad everybody is safe.
Now for some hot chocolate

Winter Scenes, Brookdale Park, Bloomfield, New Jersey

Brookdale Park in snow icicles

Brookdale Park in snow_

Brookdale Park in snow_over the hill

Brookdale Park in snow_tudor house