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In January 2011 twelve members of  the Puffin Camera Club of Teaneck New Jersey traveled to Israel where we lived on Kibbutz Samar for several days.  The Kibbutz is in the Negev desert not far from the Red Sea port of Elat.  We photographed life on the kibbutz and the date plantation which is the main economy of the kibbutz. We photographed the national park at Timna, near the kibbutz. We then travelled into Jordan to visit the historical site at Petra.  We spent a morning at the fortress city of Masad and lunched at the Red Sea. We finished the trip with visits to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Street in Old Yaffa


2 responses

  1. Melody

    Your Israel shots are really interesting,beautiful and diverse.. The land of great complexities….Last time we were there was in early 1990s.. My photos were mostly arid land.. I so appreciate your work…smile


    April 8, 2015 at 2:00 PM

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